Rebel Army uniforms

Several Alliance army uniforms

In 2373, the standard Starfleet uniform was again modified, maintaining the same basic shape and division colors, but swapping the colors on the shoulders and turtleneck. The blue-grey shoulder area was now quilted with vertical stitches. The division colors were also displayed on each wrist as a colored hoop. A succession of other Starfleet uniforms based upon this modification were also phased into service during this time.

Rebel Fleet TrooperEdit

Rebel fleet trooper

Rebel Fleet Troopers on the Tantive IV

Rebel Fleet Troopers were stationed aboard Rebel space stations and starships as a defense against boarders. Their uniform consisted of a black, unclosed vest over a blue shirt, with gray pants and standard Rebel uniform boots. They also had a holster which could hold the standard Rebel DH-17 blaster. On certain occasions, they were also stationed on planetary bases like Polis Massa and Yavin Base.
Rebel Desert Assault Trooper

Desert Assault Troopers fighting on Tatooine

Desert Assault UniformEdit

The Desert Assault uniform was that used by troops on hot, desert planets, like Tatooine. It was similar to the regular uniform, with some minor exceptions. They wore the standard Rebel Alderannian-style helmet, and khaki uniforms, with shorter sleeves. On the sleeves were temperature control units, which insulated the rest of the suit. There was ammunition and food rations packed on the belt and they would wear pants that could retract into shorts in the hottest of occasions.

Cold Assault Trooper

A Rebel Cold Assault Trooper

Cold Assault UniformEdit

Cold Assault Trooper 2

Cold Assault Troopers in the trench

Trooper VariantEdit

The cold assault variant was used on cold and icy planets, most notably on Hoth. It consisted of a cap, goggles, and a vest, with a large, puffy collar. Backpacks and a scarf attached to the cap were also worn. The Rank insignia and the communicator were located on the left side of the vest, which was white or brown, depending on the duty the soldier was carrying out; White was
General Rieekan

The officers uniform

for operations outside, while brown was used for inside soldiers like flight crew and reserve units.

Officer's UniformEdit

The officer's uniform was basically the same as the trooper variant, with some minor differences. It consisted of a puffy collar and a brown jacket, on which the rank insignia was on the right. There were two chest pockets with red lining.