Battle of Pulaski Station



Pulaski Station


Imperial victory

  • Typhuss Halliwell promoted to Moff

Kota's Militia

Galactic Empire

  • Imperial Navy
  • Jedi Master Rahm Kota
  • Commander Everson Taggart (killed)
  • Admiral Typhuss Halliwell
  • Captain Beto Straden

The Battle of Pulaski Station was a confrontation between the Imperial Navy and the rebel movement known as Kota's Militia in 9 BBY. Kota's Militia attempted to raid the Empire's Pulaski Station, but were swiftly repelled by the Imperial Navy and the stormtroopers inside the station.


The Empire had recieved word of Kota's Milita's interest in the Perinn sector, and reinforced the troops in the sector, including a largely bolstered force at the Imperial stronghold of Pulaski Station. In 9 BBY, Admiral Typhuss Halliwell, in command of the station and Task Force 65, comprising of three Imperial I class, two Venator class, and one Secutor class star destroyers, was alerted of an impending raid by the rebel movement Kota's Militia.

Readying defenses, the rebel fleet did indeed arrive as planned, and the battle began.

The BattleEdit

Almost immediately the Imperial fleet began firing,  and in retaliation, the rebels returned fire, despite taking heavy losses. Rahm Kota, the leader of the attack force, ordered the fleet to begin firing a full spread of proton torpedoes, in order to cover the troops about to board the station. Aboard the station Admiral Halliwell ordered Colonel Sheppard to fire all weapons at the fleet, and ordered not to worry about the boarding craft headed their way, ordering Army Captain Beto Straden to take a battalion and set up defenses against the boarding rebels. The Imperials fired turbolasers, quantum torpedoes and proton torpedoes at the rebels, increasing their losses, but despite this the rebels continued with their battle plan.

Admiral Halliwell observed their battle plan and came to the conclusion that they were attempting to surround the station, and ordered a pincer movement by the Imperial vessels to surround the Rebels, trapping and nearly annihilating them. Meanwhile, the boarding rebels were being slaughtered by the Imperial's defense position, and their leader, Commander Everson Taggart, was killed by an E-Web. His immediate subordinate ordered to retreat, but their boarding craft was destroyed as soon as the rebels were arriving, leaving them trapped on the station and forced to surrender.

Rahm Kota, who's flagship was almost completely destroyed, ordered the fleet to try and escape the pincer movement. Seeing this, Admiral Halliwell ordered a spread of torpedoes, and the remainder of the rebel ships were destroyed, although Kota was able to escape. Because of his preformance in the battle, Admiral Halliwell was promoted to Moff.