CR-22-1198, nicknamed "Skipper," was a clone regimenal commander in the Grand Army of the Republic from 22 BBY to 19 BBY during the Clone Wars. He served as the commander of the 224th Mobile Infantry under Jedi General X, and also was in command of the Mudjumpers, a special forces team of clones. He later served in the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps following the creation of the Galactic Empire, but defected to the Rebel Alliance during the Battle of Kamino.

Biography Edit


CC-4897 was bred in 32 BBY as one of the countless clones slated to become soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic. Early in on his career, his flair of independence that always brought the prying eyes of the Kaminoans, and played a key role in his rising in the ranks to commander. His training was overseen by Jango Fett himself, and he was selected to be a potential ARC trooper candidate. He became friends with Jango and visited his apartment often, and soon became the mentor of Boba Fett, the "son" of Jango Fett.

During his training in the clone trooper cadet squad Charlie Squad, he became acquainted to his comrades, Vaux, Meatloaf, Blaist, Jex, Able, and Harry, who began to call him "Ace" near the end of his training. He graduated in early 22 BBY, and, like all other Alpha squad members, was assigned to the 282nd Star corps in the Grand Army of the Republic. When the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi discovered Kamino, he guided him and Prime Minister Lama Su through the cloning facility of Tipoca City, knowing the city extensively. Shortly after, the 282nd and all other available units were called to Geonosis, just in time to rescue the Jedi strike team.

Clone Wars (22 BBY–19 BBY)Edit

Battle of Geonosis Edit

In 22 BBY, when the Clone Wars broke out on the outer rim planet of Geononsis, Ace served in the ensuing battle. The 282nd Star Corps were ordered to reinforce the troops on the front lines. By the time he eventually got there, the clone army was suffering heavy casualties. The 282nd Star Corps and all other units were ordered to briefly retreat, but Ace held his ground, tending to severely injured troopers. He eventually was forced to retreat toward a trench, while Separatist battle droids walked right over him. He destroyed an entire squad of battle droids, but was eventually shot in the arm and cornered by OOM-13-50 and his droids, but right before he was about to be killed, advancing republic forces shot the droids, with the exception of their commander, and was sent to a medical hospital, and after that was awarded the Medal of Bravery, the highest honor for clone troopers in the Republic. After the battle, he was assigned to Jedi High General Camil Fon, who he stayed under for the rest of the war.

Battle of Cartao Edit

In 22 BBY, the 282nd Star Corps was sent to Cartao, under strict orders from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, to capture the Separatist-held Spaarti cloning facility. A force led by Kinman Doriana was sent to capture the planet. At first, the troops met little resistance, some none at all, but then the fighting turneed fierce. Ace and Camil Fon led a Regiment down the Maa'ano Valley, to destroy the Separatist base, while Doriana led the troops to the cloning facility. After Ace led the troops through the valley, they encountered a canyon, and the Separatist base was just at the other side. For two hours the men helplessly fired across the canyon, hoping to hit something, when Ace came up with an idea. He reasoned that since the walkers tracks were magnetic, and the walls of the canyon were made out of Uranium, they could use the walkers to walk on the walls of the canyon, down and up, and then when the walkers got to the other side, they would extend a makeshift bridge for the infantry to cross on. The plan worked, and they captured the Separatist base. After the battle, Ace was awarded the Palpatine Cross.

Battle of RylothEdit

After the battle, Ace and the 282nd Star corps didn't see much action until late in 22 BBY. However, when the Republic decided to recapture Ryloth, the "Purple '82nd", as they were nicknamed, were assigned to the invasion forces. They were assigned to the Acclamator class assault transport Felucia. Almost immediately after the Felucia came out of hyperspace a lucky shot from a Confederate frigate crashed into the bridge and killed most of the command crew, including the captain. Ace bravely led his troops up the smoking bridge and was able to regain control of the ship, while the 52nd Star Corps manned the guns. The ship was able to land on Ryloth, but not before destroying three Separatist ships. After a while, the two units eventually joined the other units about to liberate the capital city, Lessu.

Battle of the Nameless Jungle PlanetEdit

In early 21 BBY, the 282nd, temporarily under the command of Shaak Ti, was dispatched to lead an assault on a nameless Confederate-controlled jungle planet. Loaded into guships, almost immediately after they entered the atmosphere they were attacked by a squadron Confederate Vulture Droid Fighters. Several gunships went down, but Ace ordered experienced gunners to man their gunships main laser cannons. This plan was succesful, and they made it to the command center, where Ace was learned via R4-P8 that CL-1707 "Able", Ace's fellow cadet in training in Charlie Squad, had been in one of the downed gunships and was presumed dead. He started a search for survivors of the downed gunships, but when no results were recieved, it was called off. Late in the battle he aided the 282nd to destroy the main Separatist communications station. After the planet was secure, the Felucia landed and extracted the 282nd from the planet.

Battle of UmbaraEdit

Later in the war, Ace and the 88th Star Corps was dispatched to Umbara to reinforce the Skywalker-commanded 501st Legion, although, by the time they got there, the commander of the legion was Besalisk Jedi Master Pong Krell. The Republic task force sent there initiated an attack to the retake the world that was once part of the Republic, and capture its capital city. As the gunships descended through the shadowy world's atmosphere to the surface, the Umbaran militia stationed on ground level fired on the Republic gunships, which had entered the atmosphere over Umbaran-held territory. Although some gunships crashed as a result of the heavy fire, the clone pilot on Ace's gunship was able to maneuver the shuttle to the correct landing site and avoid being shot down. Following Camil Fon, whose gunship had landed on the surface before Ace's shuttle, Ace and his teammates began their initial push against the Umbarans.

Krell's troops on the ground were supported by AT-RT-mounted troopers, as well as space gunships that carried more clone reinforcements. Soon, ace met up with Krell, Jesse, Tup, Hardcase, ARC trooper Fives, and Rex. Ace asked Krell that his unit push ahead as the enemy was retreating, so the troopers could get a good foothold in enemy territory, but Krell refused, claiming that a better plan would be to send many troops across a large front. Afterward, Krell ordered Rex and Ace to ready all clone platoons, and the teams began to follow the Besalisk Jedi through Umbara's jungle terrain, heading toward the planet's capital city. When two flying creatures approached Krell's team, Hardcase and the troops fired their weapons at the flying animals. The creatures, however, attacked the troopers, and one of the creatures lifted a clone off the ground. Krell forced the creature to release the trooper, before killing the animal with his twin double-bladed lightsabers.

After the event, the 282nd and 501st troops walked for nearly twelve hours. To allow his troops to rest, Rex wanted his men to make camp, a decision that was not well received by Krell, who dictated that the platoons of the 501st were crucial to the Republic's success on Umbara. Without resting, Hardcase and the team made their way to the outskirts of Umbara's capital city. While Skywalker had originally planned to deplete the city's defenses first before initiating multiple attacks, Krell wanted an all-out forward assault to the city. To achieve this, Ace and the clones would use a highway which led into the city itself. When the clone troopers began to walk on the highway, several of the clones exploded as a result of hidden enemy mines on the ground. As Fives began to scan the surface of the highway to locate the mines, Umbaran troops ambushed the troopers. The Umbarans utilized their hover tanks, equipped with EMP cannons, against the clones and advanced toward their position. Although Hardcase and other clone troopers killed a number of Umbaran troopers, the native specie overran the clones, forcing the clones to fall back.

After positioning themselves away from the Umbaran militia, Ace and the clone troopers resumed their firefight with the attacking Umbarans, though the Umbara natives began to retreat. Krell believed that his plan to take over the city was compromised and blamed the setback on Rex and his leadership. After a heated debate between Krell and the clone troopers, including Ace, the Jedi Master took note of the Rex's words, yet the Jedi Master wanted the 8282nd and 501st to continue carrying out his plan of taking over the city. General Kenobi requested that Krell capture a crucial Umbaran airbase in his path, so the troops turned around again and headed towards the airbase walking, while Krell rode ahead in his personal gunship. they were again ambushed by Umbaran tanks, so troopers Fives and Hardcase snuck behind enemy lines and captured two Umbaran starfighters, which destroyed the tanks. The 282nd Star Corps was transnferred from the planet, but Ace was glad to hear that Krell had been a seperatist and executed.

Mission to Cato NeimoidiaEdit

Directly after the Battle of Umbara, Ace was transported off Umbara by the Republic ship Magnolian Queen. Later, his friend Typhuss would be assigned to the ship while supervising the Mission to Cato Neimodia by a Republic Special Forces team and two clones, which Typhuss knew. During the mission, the team was ambushed by a Bounty Hunter working for the Confederacy, who called in reinforcements of droid battalions. Ace was requested by Typhuss's friend Vill to lead a LAAT/i gunship rescue assault. He launched it successfully, but two Republic troopers were killed, and four were wounded, not including the clone trooper Beater. He was thanked, and he prepared for the Invasion of Camildrona. However, Commanders Vill and Typhuss insisted that he stayed, and the convinced General Fon to let him stay two more weeks.

Battle of Hoth Edit

Ace had only one week left when the starship he was on, the Destiny, was assigned to a fleet attacking the Separatist-held world of Hoth. He later helped rescue the captured troopers, the same ones from the previous mission, Beater and Deadeye. With his knowledge of top secret Project 239, he and an officer fromm the 223rd Republic Fleet Regiment, Private Kernel Sandurz, engineered a transporter to beam up the two clones. With the Republic winning the battle, the Destiny jumped into hyperspace.

Battle of Pantora Edit

After the Battle of Umbara, the 282nd Star Corps was dispatched to the Mid Rim planet of Pantora, which a few months earlier had been invaded by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, most notably the Commerce Guild, led by Presidente Shu Mai. A counterattack had been planned, but it was delayed because of the Third Battle of Kamino. After the battle, the invasion was delayed for a further two months, for the Republic had taken heavy losses at the battle and needed to recover.

Ace and Camil Fon, along with the 282nd Star Corps, were chosen to lead the attack on the planet. After a paratrooper assault on the Capital City of Camil, Ace and Fon joined Anakin Skywalker and his padawan Ahsoka Tano, who had survived the paratrooper assault. As the Jedi pressed their assault into Separatist-held territory, Separatist General Grievous dispatched battle droid reinforcements aboard a C-9979 landing craft to his most strategic base, which was conveniently only five kilometers from the capital. To attack Grievous's troops at the source, Ace,,Fon, Skywalker, Tano, and the 282nd, proceeded to attack it. With a three-part-plan- developed by Tano, the group successfully captured the base. With his most important base gone, Commander Riff Jargon, disobeying orders from Count Dooku and Grievous, began a slow evacuation of the planet. Now with republic reinforcements and the best separatist troops gone, the republic easily recaptured the planet.

Battle of Brodo Asogi and Order 66 Edit

In 19 BBY, the 282nd, led by Ace and Camil Fon, were assigned to liberate the Separatist held planet of Brodo Asogi, along with the 133rd Legion. Ace led the 27th Recon/Attack Battalion against the base. Leading Rhea Company, they initiated a pincer movement to surround the Separatist forces. While in the middle of the operation, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, secretely Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious, transmitted Order 66 to clone commanders across the galaxy, including Ace. It was also transmitted to Clone Commander CC-2284, in charge of 133rd Legion. Seeing Ace's hesitation, ordered both the troopers of the 133rd and 282nd to fire on the Jedi. Despite Ace's protests, the troopers began firing on Fon. Ace had his suspicions about Palpatine, and did not believe the Jedi would betray the Republic. Because he had developed such a bond with the Jedi, he began defending him, knowing he was disobeying a legal order. The few clones defending the Jedi were able to escape to a neutral spaceport, where Ace traded his clone armor for civilan clothes. Fon and Ace parted ways, and Ace and his former fellow cadet, CS-9927 "Meatloaf", deserted and escaped to the mid rim mining world of Tyne's Horky.