Cloudburst Exercise
Cloudburst Excercise starships

Clone Wars


22 BBY


Galactic Republic

Confederacy of Independent Systems

  • Commodore Robert Wesley
  • Captain James T Kirk

M-5 computer

  • Task Force 43
    • 4 Constitution class frigates
      • Excalibur
      • Hood
      • Lexington
      • Potemkin
  • 1 Constitution class frigate
    • Enterprise
  • Excalibur destroyed
  • All other ships heavily damaged

M-5 computer shut down


The Cloudburst Excercise was a military excercise conducted by the Republic Navy in 22 BBY, involving five Constitution class starships: the Enterprise, the Excalibur, the Hood, the Lexington, and the Potemkin. The Enterprise was equipped with Doctor Richard Daystrom's experimental M-5 computer, and relieved of all but a skeleton crew. The other four starships were to launch a coordinated attack against the Enterprise as a test of the M-5's tactical and strategic capabilities.

However, Dr. Daystrom, secretly a Separatist agent, and had programmed the M-5 to destroy; rather than firing with minimum-power phasers, the M-5 attacked the Excalibur with full-power phasers and photon torpedoes, destroying the ship and killing everyone on board. Enterprise Captain James T. Kirk managed to force the M-5 to deactivate before the remaining starships, led by Commodore Robert Wesley, could attack and destroy the Enterprise.