Garlen Evoros was a Force-sensitive Human male member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and later the New Republic, during the Galactic Civil War, who hailed from Raltiir. He participated in several battles of the war, such as the Battle of Kamino, the Evacuation of Yavin Base, and the Battles of Hoth and Endor. He also participated in the First Battle of Coruscant, where he would become famous for being one of the four men photographed raising the flag of the Senate Building.

Hw would later be promoted to the rank of Colonel, and lead a boarding party on shipyards during the climactic Battle of Bilbringi. He was later discovered to be Force-sensitive by Jedi master Luke Skywalker, and served briefly in his New Jedi Order, although he would later resign, longing for the battlefront again. Although being posted on reserve for much of the following decade, he took part in the Battle of Yaga Minor, and, immediately after, would attend the signing of the historic Pelleaon-Gavrisom Treaty, ending the Galactic Civil War. He served in the Yuuzhan Vong War, where he would be promoted to General and the Second Galactic Civil War, on the side of the Alliance-in-exile. After the war, he retired from his position in the military, ending a 42 year career.

Early lifeEdit

Garlen Evoros was born prematurely in 20 BBY to parents Otkar and Male Dui Evoros on the Aurore class freighter Far Beyond the Stars, captained by his father, and doctors later described he was lucky to have survived. The family later settled of Otkar's home city of Cambrielle, the capital city of Raltiir, a planet in the Darpa sector of the Core Worlds.

After Chancellor Palpatine created the Galactic Empire with the Declaration of a New Order in 19 BBY, it was opposed by many, including his father, who went on to join the Unified Resistance, leaving Male Dui and Garlen on Raltiir, intending to return shortly. He was killed by Darth Vader when he led resistance forces at the Battle of Delta Vega in 18 BBY. He died when Will was only two years old, leaving his mother to raise him alone. The Evoros' remained in Raltiir at Otkar's wish, but they were later forced to leave after her mother's employer declared bankruptcy, later settling on Tyne's Horky. The only thing which kept her going was Garlen, but she did not feel as if he could discuss the situation with him, even when he was older, and as a result Garlen did not learn of the true details of his father's death until much later in his life.

After moving to Tyne's Horky, he applied for a job with Cross-Galactic Mining, and worked in the Nergon-14 mines, almost dying in a pit accident. Early into his teens, he began practicing swoop racing, and by age fifteen had saved up for his own T-16 Skyhopper, which he raced against several other members of the community, including Arne Darvin.


Julian BashirEdit

Garlen met Dr. Julian Bashir when the doctor was assigned to 3rd Squad, on Deep Space 9, in 1 BBY. During their time on DS9, Dr. Bashir became one of John´s closest friends. Evoros, Bashir, and Miles O´Brien frequently visited the station´s Promenade together.


Garlen first met Odo in 1 BBY when he was assigned to 3rd Squad. At first, Garlen didn´t like Odo, as he had worked with the Imperials during the occupation, but gradually warmed up to him over time, nicknaming him "Constable" Odo. Evoros was saddened when Odo agreed to return to the Great Link permanently to help rebuild his people, and he was present, along with Kira Nerys, when he merged into the Link. He later rejoiced and went as far as to throw a party when he learned that Odo returned to the New Republic in 5 ABY.

Pharl McQuarrieEdit

Garlen Evoros and General Pharl McQuarrie formed a friendship in 1 BBY, when Garlen was assigned under the command of McQuarrie. Garlen greatly respected McQuarrie and claimed to have a good friendship with him. McQuarrie had the tendency to smack Garlen on the back of the head whenever he said or did something inappropriate. Although this annoyed Garlen, it also appears to be something he has come to expect from his superior. By 3 ABY, their friendship had grown to the point where they called each other by their first names.


Princess Leia OrganaEdit

Prior to the Mission to Denebia IV in 1 BBY, he had become involved in a brief romace with Alderaanian princess and member of the Alliance Leia Organa, who he had become. However, during the mission, Leia broke off the relation, for the reason that she would be away from him most of the time. Despite this, they remained friends, and she later introduced him to his future wife, Tru Dasda

Toryn FarrEdit

Garlen had a brief relationship with Alliance controller Toryn Farr in the year 1 ABY, However Garlen broke off the relationship after

Princess Dis'sathEdit

During the Mission to Falleen, which Evoros was leading, he became intensely infatuated with the Falleen Princess Dis'sath. However, this relationship was one of seduction and not love. Dis'sath was a member of the Falleen species, who were known for their special ability to attract members of the opposite sex by using their pheromones, which he used to his advantage by seducing Evoros. The relationship was short-lived though. Dis'sath had revealed to Evoros that she was actually an agent of the Empire, and that the Rebel team was to be imprisoned with Evoros as her slave. Evoros fought off his feelings long enough to  free the Rebel strike team, and dispatch Tru Dasda, who Garlen realized he truly loved through the air conditioning ducts to the power station. There, she managed to shut down the power to the palace, enabling the Rebels to combat the Imperials and secure the palace.