Tachyon detection network display

A display of the activated tachyon detection network

Operation: Rampart was the codename given to the Republic Navy blockade of the area of the Outer Rim Republic-Seperatist front near Pantora during the Clone Wars, made up of 24 starships. It's objective was to expose the Seperatist aid to the Confederacy-allied faction of the Pantoran Civil War, and to prevent the Confederate ships to cross the border. A method was devised by Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge to use a tachyon detection grid to detect any cloaked Confederate ships attempting to cross the border.

A fleet of four starships gathered at the border, led by Captain Sela. Unable to cross without being detected, Sela attempted to disrupt the grid by bombarding the Sutherland with tachyons, creating a blind spot. Captain Wullf Yularen ordered the fleet to rendeavous at Gamma Eridon. However, temporarily in command of the Sutherland, Lieutenant Commander Data recognized her tactic and used the residual tachyons to detect the ships trying to pass through, exposing the Seperatist connection and tilting the balance of the war to Chairman Papanoida.