Valorum Interplanetary under attack

Raid on the Grebleips Interplanetary spaceport

In 1 BBY, the Galactic Empire conducted a Raid on the Grebleips Interplanetary Spaceport, in the Perinn sector. The raid was conducted because of the detection of a Rebel spy on Star Tours Flight 1401. The Rebel Alliance arrived to defend the spaceport with  two cruisers. Although the Imperial were able to push back the cruisers and capture the rebels who boarded the station, in the midst of the confusion, Flight 1401 was able to escape with the spy.

Prelude Edit

In 2 BBY, the Rebel Alliance was officially formed with the Treaty of Corellia, with the Galactic Empire unwittingly unleashing it on the galaxy.

The following year, Alderaanean Captain and secret Rebel Alliance member Raymus Antilles arranged to have C-3PO and R2-D2 be shipped to the Star Tours intergalactic travel agency to ensure its successful expansion of its operations. The agency also got funding from theThese actions led the Galactic Empire to suspect that the travel agency was a Rebel front.

The battle Edit

In 1 BBY, a Rebel spy boarded the StarSpeeder 1000 ST-1401, destined for Alderaan, among various civilian passengers, with C-3PO acting as the pilot due to a mixup. Imperial agents eventually became aware to the Rebel agent's presence onboard the station, and dispatched an Imperial fleet composed of several Imperial-class Star Destroyers and several TIE fighters to surround the station, as well as a contingent of Stormtroopers board the station to halt their presence. The Rebel Alliance, which was is desperate need of the plans the spy was carrying, dispatched two Providence class carrier/destroyers to retrieve the spy.

The two fleets engaged in a firefight, while the Rebels boarded the station in search of the agent. However, in the midst of the battle, the Starspeeder had departed the station and gone into lightspeed. With their spy gone, the rebel cruisers