Flight 714 departure

Flight 714 departing from Pantora

Star Tours Flight 714, codenamed ST-714 and also known as the Flight 714 incident, was a Star Tours travel agency direct flight from Alderaan to Sacorria, with an intermidiate stop at Pantora to refuel. It's passengers included Archibald Haddock, Tintin, and the millionaire Laszlo Carreidas. 

Shortly after departing Pantora, the flight was hijacked by members of the Rastapopolous Outfit, disguised as associates of Carreidas, and landed the Starspeeder on the water world of Pulau-Pulau Bompa, where Rastapopulos's headquaters were located on a forgotten island. It was part of Rastapopoulos's scheme to steal Carreidas's fortune, although his plans were thwarted by Tintin.