Typhuss Halliwell was a Human male who was a member of the Republic Navy prior to and during the Clone Wars, later becoming an moff in the new Galactic Empire. Born in 54 BBY on Alderaan, from a young age he showed and interest in tactics, and after joining the Republic Navy, was stationed on Pulaski Station, in the Teraab sector. During the Clone Wars, he was promoted to Admiral and placed in command of the Republic Navy's 147th Tactical Fleet.

Knowing that not following a direct order of the chancellor would have disastrous consequences for him, he reluctantly executed Order 66 over Kaleb IV. Promoted to the rank of Moff after his preformance in the Battle of Pulaski Station in 9 BBY, he served as the military governor of the Perinn sector in the Outer rim, but was later assigned to be one of the many overseers of the construction of the new Death Star, and was again transferred off the station shortly before it wwas destroyed by the Rebel Alliance. Returning to his position as governor, he was present during the battle of Endor, but his luck returned as he escaped it once again before he was destroyed.